Many U.S. scientific studies explain that 10 million Americans suffer from moderate to severe disability from pain associated with headaches. Since headaches are so widespread, for the most part people believe that having a headache is just a normal part of life. Wrong!

Headaches.Many people experience them.They may be mild, moderate, severe, or seriously debilitating and may not go away.  Medicines might only minimize the pain for the moment although this does not address the basis of these headaches.Also, when used over a long period of time pain medications can produce a damaging and lasting impression on the body.  Generally those suffering from headaches point to the more pure and quite oftenmore successful approach to treating their headaches through chiropractic treatment.Headaches are extremely common and a warning sign that something is wrong.  Chiropractic care is a successful method to get relief of the pain related with headaches.  There are numerous distinct sorts of headaches and chiropractic care not only relieves the pain but it corrects the familiar cause of headaches.  The most populartype of headache is a tension headache.  Tension headaches are typically brought on by physical or emotional stress within our every day lifestyles.  Stress then settles inside the muscle tissues as tension and can produce headaches.  Tension headaches are usually simply treatable with chiropractic adjustments and will subside in frequency with just a few visits to the chiropractor.A migraine headache is another type of headache.  This is characterized through extreme pain with sensitivity to light and sound.  Migraine headaches are commonly brought on by impaired vascular flow and more often than not take extra time to cure.  A patient suffering from migraines should begin to feel pain release after a few chiropractic adjustments and a comprehensive recovery with finishing the prescribed care plan.
The most common cause of headaches is the malfunction and misalignment of spinal bones within the neck and upper back.Once these vertebra lose their normal location in the spine, nerves and blood vessels are affected and can produce headaches.Specific spinal and postural adjustments may help correct spinal misalignment and dysfunction caused by stress in everyday life.  Many patients receive headache relief from chiropractic care though it may take more than one visit to achieve pain relief and correct the underlying mechanical restrictions.The necessary treatment plan depends on the type of headache and the severity since everyone is different.  Dr. Chris McNeil of McNeil Chiropractic has had great success treating and correcting the cause of headaches and migraines.  Don’t suffer another day with a headache.  Benefit from the drug-free results that hundreds of people have enjoyed by consulting Dr. McNeil and starting chiropractic care today.Our website provides testimonies from patients who do not suffer from headaches.


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