KIDS – Headache and Allergies

“For the past four years my children have experienced neck and lower back discomfort, plus seasonal allergies. One of my girls’ had severe headaches and nausea. We saw our family doctor and an allergist for these problems. Since being under chiropractic care, my children have had almost “instant” results – no headaches or nausea. They’re all sleeping better and are much healthier. We are so grateful that all of our symptoms were so quickly treated. Everyone at Loving Chiropractic is fantastic. We would definitely recommend that your whole family include chiropractic care as an important part of your family’s overall health plan.” Mrs. AA, Palm City

Depression and Anxiety

“Depression and anxiety can kill you. I have been so stressed out that I have had trouble breathing and my heart would pound very irregularly. I have had this condition for years and I thought taking medicine and seeing a psychiatrist were my only option. Now I am seeing a real doctor that is helping me breathe, keeping my stress level down and I am so much happier. Dr. Loving is a compassionate man who knows how to help my body heal itself. Do I still have problems, sure, but now I know where I can find help and when I leave his office my body is relaxed, my mind is at peace and I am happy. If you are having problems like mine, do yourself a favor and let Dr. Mark help you. God Bless.” Ms. BJ, Port St. Lucie

Poor Balance

“Over the past four years I have had balance difficulties and have fallen numerous times. Nothing seems to help. I have been to see plenty of doctors without success. The care I am receiving at Loving Chiropractic is personalized and special. Dr. Loving found the cause of the problem quickly. My mobility and balance have improved. I am more confident venturing out in public. I cannot thank you enough.” Mr. BK, Stuart

Migraine Headaches

“For the past 20 years I have suffered from severe headaches, shoulder and neck aches. I was having a terrible time even sleeping. After seeing Sports Physicians, Massage Therapists, and other physicians without having any relief, I decided to see Dr. Loving. After just a few visits, my headaches are gone. My back began to loosen up, and my neck and shoulder pain has decreased. Dr. Loving and his staff are the GREATEST! I would recommend Dr. Loving 110%!” Ms. C.C., Stuart

Body Pain – Fibromyalgia

” I’ve had aches and pains for years, however in 2005, I was involved in a severe auto accident that threw me in a downward spiral. The accident affected me both physically and emotionally. My whole body hurt – from my head to my weak ankles. I did not have much hope and was afraid that I would eventually end up with a walker or in a wheel chair. I’ve tried numerous doctors and treatments. I’m on pain medications, muscle relaxants, and other medications (20/day). Needless to say, my health was not good. Since being at Loving Chiropractic, I no longer have those deadly headaches. My overall body aches and pains have decreased. Specifically, my left shoulder and scapula pain are greatly reduced. My balance has improved and my walking is easier. I believe in chiropractic care.” Ms. CY, Stuart

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“For the past 7 months, my neck and thumbs have been stiff and painful. Nothing I tried helped. I could not sleep at night. I even had sharp stabbing pain in my low back.” After being seen at Loving Chiropractic, my low back pain has decreased and my neck mobility has improved. I am able to walk daily, ride my bicycle, write my poetry and read without difficulty. Dr. Loving is wonderful and he found the cause of my problems. I liked everything about the office, especially the treatments. The staff treats me very well, with courtesy, and is efficient. I know he can help others.” Mrs. D.C., Jensen Beach

Locking Hip Joint

“During the past 10 years I have been seeing surgeons, pain clinics, had low back surgery, and medications, that did not give much relief. I was in pain with a hip that was locked up. Since beginning to see Dr. Loving my condition has improved and I am finally getting relief. Dr. Loving is accurate with his care, and his staff treats everyone very well.” Mr. E.H., Palm City

Frequent Headaches

“For many years I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain. I have also had frequent headaches. I had learned to “live with” my aches and pains until I decided to give chiropractic a chance. Since seeing Dr. Loving, my headaches have decreased significantly. Everyone at Loving Chiropractic is warm and genuinely concerned about my health. I love the care that I receive here. I’ve even referred two friends of mine and will continue to do so.” Mr. C.G., Hobe Sound

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“Since my auto accident in 2000, I have suffered with severe lower right back pain, including my tailbone, and hips. I have been unable to sleep for more than 2-3 hours because of my internal issues, such as irritable bowel, incontinence, and menstrual problems. After seeing numerous physicians including, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physical therapists, and having no relief, I was recommended to see Dr. Loving.” “After seeing Dr. Loving just a few times, my internal issues are improving, I now can sleep 4-6 hours a night, I have increased energy and feel more motivated. The staff at Loving Chiropractic is super. I will recommend Dr. Loving to everyone. Keep up the good work, because it works and is so needed!!” Mrs. D.S., Port St. Lucie

Asthma and ADHD

“For the last year our youngest son has had severe asthma. His breathing problems were stress and weather induced. We had to rush him to the doctor and hospital because of his problem. The doctors have given him inhalers for his breathing problem. They helped but there are a lot of bad side effects. He has difficulty concentrating and sleeping. Since his first adjustment, our son’s has been more ‘calm’. He’s only used his inhaler one time since starting care. His breathing is normal and he’s sleeping better. Dr. Loving’s ability to work with young children is fantastic. The staff is great. We are already talking to our friends about how well our son is doing.” Mrs. R.M., Port St. Lucie

Neck Surgery

“Eight years ago I had a horrific neck injury. Cat scans and MRI revealed significant disc damage in my neck and low back. I subsequently underwent neck spinal surgery. Following the surgery I developed frozen shoulders. It got to the point where the condition was so bad that I had to wash my face with a back brush because I couldn’t raise my hands to my face. I had 2 years of physical therapy that helped get my shoulders moving again. Late last year, I had a traffic accident that left me with severe pain again in my neck, arms, hips and back. I felt my condition would deteriorate into the misery I had endured. Since being treated by Dr. Loving, the chronic pain is just about gone. My posture has improved to near normal. I’m like a new man. The staff treats me superbly and everyone is genuinely caring and personal. More importantly my overall health has improved. My diabetes has improved in that I am less sensitive to carbohydrates and sugars. I would definitely recommend Loving Chiropractic.” Mr. LM, Stuart


“For the past 12 years I’ve had severe migraine headaches. I’ve also had daily rebound headaches that caused me to stop life, take a pill, go to bed for hours and not feel normal for the entire day. My headaches were always followed by fatigue. They were interfering with my life and my family’s life. The doctors did x-rays and CAT Scans. I had Imitrex injections that caused adverse reactions. I was also on years of Celexa, Prozac and Triptan medications. Nothing helped!! Since my first visit, I have had NO headaches. Everyone at Loving Chiropractic is wonderful. They treat me with kindness, spend plenty of time with me, and explain what‘s causing my condition. I will definitely recommend Dr. Loving. He has helped my life to a GREAT extent. He has literally given me back my life. No more days in bed with the shades down.” Mrs. TZ, Jensen Beach

Broken Back

“I have at least nine fractures in my back caused by my bones being so weak. For the last five years my problem has gotten significantly worse. My internal medicine doctors, the orthopedist, neurologist and pain clinic doctors had done all they could do for me. I was on multiple medications for my bones and pain. My back pain and loss of independence was truly debilitating. Chiropractic care has enabled my body to heal. The only discomfort I have is my low back. My reduction in pain and increased activity level has vastly improved. At Loving Chiropractic, I feel like all of me is being treated, not just my back. The promptness of our appointments was refreshing. The staff is great! I have recommended Dr. Loving to my friends and family. The only regret I have is that I wished I had started chiropractic years ago!” Mrs. JO, Jensen Beach

Loss of Energy – Exhaustion

“Over the last few years I have suffered from numerous medical conditions. I had a major intestinal surgery about one month ago and my whole body is “exhausted”. I love to garden and work outside but do not have the energy. My quality of life was pitiful. My care here at Loving Chiropractic has been wonderful. My body feels great. I have more energy to do what’s important to me. I can work for hours without fatigue and play with my grandson. I know my body’s working better. What’s more important than that?!” Mr. V.G., Port St. Lucie

Heel Pain/ Bladder Problems

“For over two years, I’ve had severe foot pain. The sharp pains were so bad that I couldn’t put my heel down. I had to walk on my toes. Mornings were horrific. The pain even affected my ability to go for walks and shop. Since starting care with Dr. Loving, I can now put my heel down and walk with ease. I can get out of bed in the morning without worry and do my household chores. The care at Loving Chiropractic was excellent. I would recommend others to Dr. Loving.” Mrs. Y. W., Stuart