Let Me Explain…Diagram of the Ear

At the very top of your neck there are nerves that control special muscles in the ear. These muscles pump the fluid from the ear canal.

When the bone at the very top of you spine becomes misaligned by poor posture, birth trauma, bike accidents or any other event it can put pressure on that nerve and interfere with those muscles. In other words they…”Turn Off the Pump”

picture of a swimming pool with clear waterThink About This…

If you had a swimming pool and someone turned the pump off what would happen? In about 2 days it would turn green! When water stands still it grows algae!

So what can you do about it?

You could throw a big bucket of shock or chlorine in the pool and that would kill the algae and turn the pool would be clean. The problem is that if you do not turn the pump back on it would turn green again in just a few days.

This is What Most People Do With Ear Infections!

They “shock” the ear infection with antibiotics but never address the CAUSE of the infection in the first place. This is why you are often back at the doctor getting a new antibiotic in just a few weeks. And then again and again.

When we adjust the spine we relieve the pressure off the nerve and allow the pump to start moving fluid again. We are allowing the body the chance to work the way God designed it!

I hope this makes sense!

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