Would you rather be wealthy or just not poor?

Would you rather be attractive or just not ugly?

Would you rather be fit or just not fat?

Would you rather be successful or just not destitude?

Would you rather be HEALTHY or just not SICK?

These questions seem simple, but sadly, most people go through life with the high goal of simply avoiding sickness. A  lot of people think that as long as they are not sick that they must be healthy, but that is as flawed a thought as saying, as long as I am not in debt, then I must be rich. It just doesn’t work that way!

It comes down to focusing on the positive rather than merely avoiding the negative. each day people take the medication to simply remove symptoms and then call that “healthcare.” How on earth could that be called healthcare when you aren’t working toward health… you are just working to avoid sickness? I call what most Americans are doing “sickcare “rather than healthcare.

The take home message here is that chiropractic promotes outrageous health by removing interference in the body’s ablity to function at its God given potential

Spread the word! Chiropractic is changing lives!!!