How Chiropractic Care Can Help Headache Sufferers

“I wish I had seen a chiropractor sooner.” The declaration comes unsolicited from Brett Cimino, a plumber who, for 10 years, has suffered from headaches nearly every day and debilitating migraines two to four times a month. “As soon as I began getting adjusted, I noticed a difference. A year later, I am on a maintenance plan now and to say I have had six headaches (of any kind) in the last year would be an overstatement.”

According to Dr. Jeffrey Robitaille of Robitaille Family Chiropractic in Rhode Island, 1 in 6 Americans suffers from chronic headaches. But like Cimino, many people overlook seeing a chiropractor for headache pain. “I waited more than a year before I made an appointment with a chiropractor. I guess I had some misconceptions about what a chiropractor does,” says Cimino. “But after seeing the results, I don’t know why I waited so long.”

Headache Sufferers

Every day, chiropractors hear similar stories from hundreds of people like Cimino who have been suffering for years with pain and are at their wits end because the only thing offered to them by their physicians and specialists are more drugs. As Dr. Robitaille explains, many people think headaches are normal and take over-the-counter or prescription drugs to relieve the pain. “But these drugs only dull the pain,” he says, “they don’t treat the cause, which is why the headache returns.”

In addition to chronic headaches, chiropractic care is also effective in treating tension headaches. A recent study released by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research finds that individuals undergoing chiropractic therapy showed sustained reduction in headache frequency and severity compared with patients who took the drug amitriptyline, a commonly prescribed medication for tension headaches.

“The conclusion of the study shows that chiropractic is not actually a therapy or treatment, but rather gets to the cause of the problem, thus allowing the body to effect a correction that lasts beyond actual care,” says Dr. Robitaille.

While many people associate chiropractic care as a treatment for bad backs, there is growing documentation that chiropractic is also effective in Headache Sufferers: treatment of headaches, migraines and cluster headaches.

Attention Headache Sufferers:

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