Is Your Child Developing a Spinal Problem?

Is Your Child Developing a Spinal Problem? Many of the inventions and activities designed to make us more comfortable and create more leisure time unfortunately stress our posture. Computers, television, video games and studying are some of the worse offenders. Who is at risk for poor posture? Moms and Dads who lift and carry their children may be at risk. Office workers and students, especially those who sit for long period of time in the same position slouched over a desk or computer could develop problems. Kids that play video games for hours. Kids who carry heavy backpacks. Athletes of all ages, especially contact sports who put heavy loads on their spines during normal play may develop problems.

Having good posture from an early age means that your bones are properly aligned and your nerves, muscles, joints, and ligaments can work as nature intended. Good posture also means that your vital organs are in the right position and they can function more efficiently. How your brain works, your stomach digests food, your intestines absorb nutrients, your lungs fill with air and your heart beats are all greatly influenced by our posture.

Possible Spinal Problem?

Take this simple test for yourself then look at your child. Stand facing a full length mirror and check to see if:

1. Is your head straight and are your shoulders level or are they crooked?

2. Are the spaces between your arms and sides equal, or is your trunk tilted or rotated?

3. Check your hips. Are they level?

From the side have someone check to see:

1. Is your head forward of your shoulders? Is your chin parallel to the floor and not tilted up or down?

2. Are your shoulders in line with your ears, not drooping forward?

3. Is your trunk tilted forwards or backwards?

What can you do to prevent excess stress on you and your child’s posture? When sitting – use a chair with a firm low back support. Keep your desk or table top elbow high and adjust the chair or use a footrest to keep pressure off the back of your legs. Get up and stretch frequently – every hour if you sit for long period of time. If your child plays video games have them lie on their stomach so their head and neck are arched backwards. If your child studies for an extended period of time, have them stand and stretch backwards or get up and move to equalize pressure on their growing spines. Try to limit your child’s backpack load to no more than 15% of her/his body weight. When bending and lifting – never twist from the waist and bend forward at the same time. Let your legs do the work. Stand close to the object; keep your back straight and your stomach tight as you slowly lift. When sleeping – sleep on your side with a pillow supporting your head. Make sure your head is level with your spine. If you sleep on your back, avoid thick pillows that push your head forward. Following these simple practices will place less stress on your spine. These suggestions will also help your child stay healthier. If you observe these abnormal postures in yourself or your child and you can not seem to correct them on your own, call our center for a complete postural stress evaluation. Especially for your kids – do not wait because their abnormal postures may only lead to more long term health problems.

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