Chiropractors Attention Deficit Disorder – ADHD

In the past decade, prescriptions for Ritalin, a medication commonly used for attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) and other sensory integration disorders, have increased five-fold, with 90 percent of all prescriptions worldwide consumed in the United States. As many parents grow leery of this traditional medical approach, doctors of chiropractic offer a more natural method that focuses on posture, nutrition and lifestyle changes that affect brain and nervous system activity.

Doctors of chiropractic offer a non-drug and non-invasive care for children with ADHD and sensory integration disorders that focuses on the underlying problems, not just symptoms. For example – when chiropractors are evaluating a child, they are looking for any abnormal postural stresses (i.e. tilted head, high shoulder, rotated pelvis or leg), that could adversely influence the child’s brain development and activity. By correcting these postural faults, the child is better able to handle life’s stresses.

Chiropractors and Attention Deficit Disorder

While chiropractors have found success in treating ADHD and learning disabilities by providing the necessary brain and nervous system stimulation, they also recommend nutrition and lifestyle changes that may help correct or prevent biochemical imbalances that cause ADHD. Parents are encouraged to:

  • Remove as many food dyes, sugar, preservatives, and additives from the diet as possible.
  • Focus on natural, mostly organic foods with as few pesticides or herbicides as possible.
  • Determine if there is an allergy—usually starting with dairy and gluten and try elimination diets.
  • Stop using pesticide sprays in the house.
  • Avoid taking medications, nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs in pregnancy that may harm the fetus.
  • Breastfeed. The first months and years of a child’s life are critical to physical and psychological development. Breastfeeding mothers’ diets are important as well.


Along with the traditional chiropractic approaches that balance the nervous system, Loving Chiropractic of Stuart also practice a unique instrument approach that combines the proven Impulse, ArthroStim, and VibraCussor that improve the health of our patients without the twisting or popping of their spine. We are able to help children, adolescents, and adults with this painless and totally safe procedure.

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